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Lori Jackson

Author and Blogger
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Hey everyone! I'm a positive mindset blogger and author of 2 books. I love tandem biking with my husband, pickleball, playing with my grandsons and reading.

Selling Business??

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I know Misty sold her business at one point - does anyone else have experience with this. I'm wondering if my 5-year-old blog/business is worth selling. I appreciate any feedback or options I should look into.

Elementor Author Box

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Has anyone figured out how to add an author box with dynamic social media links?  I have numerous guest contributors with different social links on my current author box.  I'm trying to figure out how to make it work on Elementor.

Elementor Popup Question

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I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to do an Elementor Popup that I can link to a button on a page.  Basically, I want the button on the page and when someone clicks on it the popup would have the subscribe form.  Has anyone done that?

Digital Product Distribution

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What do you think is the best platform to deliver paid digital products.  I have an eBook that I currently sell through GumRoad.  Is there a current option that won't slow my website down and I don't have to store sensitive information from buyers?  I'm looking to offer additional printables and want a viable option.