Anne Maxson

Writer, Speaker, Podcaster,
In 2017, Anne felt a pull to start sharing some of her stories. She has since published articles with the LDS Living website and taught at BYU-Idaho Education Week.

Adding a Space in Elementor Column

I've been trying to figure out how to add a space between these different episodes. It's a column element in Elementor. I've tried adjusting any number I can find in the layout/style and advanced sections. Any tips?

Thank you!


Facebook Page Ownership / IG Scheduling Independent of FB?


Does anyone know how to change a FB Page owner. For weeks, I've tried all the recommendations on Google and the FB support pages but have had no luck. (And trying to actually find a way to contact a support person requires even more luck.)

The page owner is listed as "Anne Maxson" but it isn't my account. (See photo below.) I'm the only one associated with the page at all.  Without "real" me as the owner, I can't find a way to link the account to my IG account and therefore can't use the schedulers that I've been trying to use - Later and/or Hootsuite.

It's definitely less than ideal, but if unable to connect the two, I can always use FB Business Suite for posting on FB. Any recommendations on a different (free) scheduling app to use for IG that can work independently of IG? Later will work but it's annoying in that it makes you download the image then copy/paste the caption from your phone at the time of posting. A one-stop and hands-off option would be appreciated.

The other option I've considered is starting a new FB page with me as the owner but I doubt that I could merge it with the original page without that "owner's" permission.

Thank you for any help you can provide! (And if you aren't sure, please feel free to make a FB dartboard and toss some darts at it.) 


Changing from Divi to Elementor? (Or other solutions?)

Hi all!

I just used the "seriously simple podcasting" plugin to pull show notes, etc. into my podcast specific page ( It did a great job of pulling everything over into a separate post. However, when I did so, the text area that I'd had that explained a bit about the podcast and more information. I've spent hours playing around and trying to figure out how to add a header or just a text area to the top of the page but haven't been able to figure it out. The person that built my website used a Divi theme and I'm wondering if Elementor may make it easier to just drag and drop a text box onto the page. Any thoughts? If Elementor would be better, any recommendations on how to transition from Divi to Elementor? 

Thank you.

Determining Current Email Host


I feel like a bit of a negligent (website) parent asking this question but is there a way to determine my current email host? 

I'm trying to switch to mailerlite from mailchimp and can't verify that I am associated with the email with the domain because I don't remember where I go to find the email. I asked my friend/web designer who set it up and she doesn't remember. We've searched our personal email accounts for login information and I've searched my password manager and I can't find a trace of it. 

Is there a way to find it through the mailchimp account? I looked a bit and didn't see anything but I wasn't quite sure where to look. I know that the email address is . I've tried a few DNS search types of things but haven't had luck there. My emails usually get forwarded to my gmail but I haven't seen the verification email from mailerlite yet and it's been about 5 hours. 

And, while we're at it, is there a email host you would recommend?  Would just setting up a new one by a way to bypass the problem? I take it that if I did that, I'd need to change the email address to something different, like "" or something of the sort. 

Thank you!

Do I need a new website to match my podcast name?

Quick website / branding question - I already have a website that I've been using for years for writing and speaking engagements. My numbers aren't huge and I'm a big-time email list (and blog writing) neglector but, with y'all's help, plan to change that and also incorporate podcast episodes into it.

Would you recommend using the same domain and adding a podcast page or doing a separate site? (For reference, the current website is and the podcast will be called Pebbles of Light. I already have the domain but after pumping the brakes am reassessing things.)