Chele Howell

Joyfulness Mentor, Speaker, Women's Mountain Recharge Retreat Leader
I help women discover their intrinsic value, learn the importance of loving and taking care of themselves, stress less and find peace and healing through self-compassion and choosing JOY in their daily lives!

Your thoughts on my email subject line?

Hello, Goodness Squad Sisters! I've got a question for you. I'm holding a local retreat this Saturday here in Boise, and so far I only have one person signed up. I'd REALLY like to have between 5-8 women. My inspiration for today was to have a flash sale that's a BOGO--bring a friend, you both come for the price of just one. I love bring a friend specials! However, since I've only recently started an email list, and all of my posts so far have been about events (some free, some paid) and haven't just given value, I want to include a video that's a fb live I did last Friday about the benefits of laughter, so it's value as well as the sale. But I ALSO want them to know this email is time-sensitive because it also announces a flash sale. So do I put that all in my subject line?  Such as, "Want to feel better fast? + FLASH SALE!!" And then for the preview, "Did you know that laughter REALLY IS the best medicine?"  I'd welcome your input!!