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Melanie Papworth
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I'm a BASEBALL MOM who is passionate about EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, here to help you get organized in your #BaseballMomLife in the spring and your #FamilyEmergencyPreparedness in the fall!

Office Hours Schedule for Kids

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 Leah Olsen  I love your sticky note idea SO MUCH!  I just created a little schedule page to slip in a sheet protector and also a reminder of what each kid needs to be working on while I am working.

I have one check box that is empty because I give each kid a "mom's choice" job every day, and it changes...sometimes it will be peeling potatoes for dinner, other days it's playing a game with a sibling.  It's just nice to have them expect to be asked to do one "extra" thing each day.  And I like being able to write it down so they don't have to come ask me.

Anyone is welcome to use this as a template if you want to do something similar and just change the colors and text to match what you want. 

I've never shared a Canva file before, but let's see if this works.
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Emergency Preparedness Ebook

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I just launched my first ebook.  Eek!

There's 3 files:
1 - The ebook (good for digital viewing)
2 - 11 supporting printables (kind of like worksheets)
3 - A [rinter-friendly version of the ebook

I'd love to send it to you for free if you'd be willing to share it with your audiences on social media, in your email to your subscribers, etc.  
Let me know if you'd be interested and leave me your email address so I can email it to ya :)
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