Megan Stoker

Non-Diet Health & Wellness Coach
I am a Non-Diet Health & Wellness Coach that teaches LDS moms and teens how to stop emotionally eating and start living more intuitively. I love to run, walk, try new recipes and be outside. I'm a wife, mom of 2, and homeschool.

MAP Method Help!!

I'm working through the MAP method workbook right now before working on the design part and I'm stuck! I have hit a wall and I'm not sure how to proceed. 

I am an Intuitive Eating health coach for the LDS woman who wants to feel more spiritually aligned. I feel that when we properly understand the Word of Wisdom (which I teach and break down) and apply Intuitive Eating principles we can feel more connected with the spirit. What I'm stuck on is my Big Picture Promise. I had "connecting with your body connects you to the spirit" but that didn't feel right when I got to the connection section. So then I tried "listening to your body will connect you better to the spirit". But then that feels too long. 

I'm not sure how to make my big picture promise short sweet and to the point. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions or would be willing to help me brainstorm some ideas?

Freemium Feedback

I'm looking for some feedback on my freemium... Is it took long? too wordy? does it make sense? how is the flow of the packet? does it make sense and help you with making the connections?
It's a 12 min "study with me" and a 4-page packet. I'm talking about the Word of Wisdom and Intuitive Eating and how together both of them can help us have the relationship with food and our body that Heavenly Father always intended for us to have.
(I haven't had a successful freemium before and this feels big and important to me. So before I release it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.)


I need help with a new course...

Hello ladies! I'm new here! :) I recently narrowed down my niche to LDS moms and teens for coaching. I have created a course about body image and I'm looking for beta testers. I need help on finding moms and teens who might be interested in testing my course. Can any of you help me out?

Also, I have a course for kids too so any ideas on how to find and pitch to testers would be very much appreciated. :)
(This course ties in the word of wisdom and helps primary age kids to understand more about it in relation to whole health)
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