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Annie Joy

Life Coach
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Hey! I’m Annie Joy and I am a faith based life coach and I teach women how to cultivate joy in connection. I have a podcast coming soon and I’m excited to be a part of a group of women dedicated to sharing their personal brand of goodness!

Customizable PDF

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I’m not sure what to call it, but I’m looking to create a freemium that is a customizable document. I’m going to make a Mad Lib! But I’m unsure of what technology to use for that.

Copyright website

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At what point do you copyright your website. Also, guidance on how to do that?

Email for website

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I’m a little lost still on how to create an email for my website so that I can set up Mailer lite. Has anyone created that email for the website?

Help on product ideas

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Hi ladies! I’ve been stuck on what digital product to create. I have a model I use for my coaching clients. It’s basically this: When you get CURIOUS, you come to COMPASSION, which leads to CREATION of ideas, habits, solutions, connection.
On IG I call myself the Connection Queen and my goal is to help people have practical application of the gospel psychology/life coaching. How to build connection through these 3 steps.
I’ve played around with the idea of a year subscription where each month they get a lesson plan on a topic on connection and ideas on how to teach it to their family. Or maybe just a monthly lesson plan for the mom to understand it better.
I’ve played around with a journal that walks you through how to use this model, but I know that can be pricey to print. Don’t know if I online journals are popular?
I even have a neighbor who builds apps that is willing to do an app for me, but I don’t know what app I would create?
I would LOVE any insight or ideas!!

Who has a podcast?

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Who here has a podcast already up and running? I'm planning to start one!